The 5k Zombie Run FAQ's

Runners & Zombies please read below for Important Race Day Details!


Plan to arrive at least 60 Minutes prior to your wave, 1 1/2 hours if you are a zombie and need makeup. Allow enough time for parking, check in, t-shirt & flag pick up.


Parents please have a way to contact your children while on the course as a Zombie. We are still looking for a few from last year.


You will need:

  • ID

  • Cash for parking & food/drink.

  • Cash or credit/debit for merchandise & vendor purchases.


If you are a Zombie, plan to stay on the course for 2 hours.  Your clothes will be stained and you probably will be, too.  The apocalypse is going to be messy!


You’ll be given a race bib in your race packet. You must wear it while on the course, or you’ll be tackled to the ground and left for the Zombies to devour.


RULES (yes, even the apocalypse has rules):

  • DO NOT flag guard, hit, trip, tackle, push, grab, or intentionally harm another runner OR Zombie.  Zombies are not allowed to touch runners, just flags! Only take 1 flag per runner.

  • OBEY course officials at all times. If you violate a rule, you will be removed from the event immediately without refund.


Most importantly, remember that this is a FUN RUN! We hope you have an amazing time!

Can I bring my family/my dog/my neighbor’s niece’s cousin’s friend’s uncle?​​

You can bring every person you’ve ever known in your life. We will try to ensure that the zombies won’t eat their brains.

But no dogs. No cats, no ferrets, chickens, or goldfish. Let’s not get crazy.


What’s the deal with the flags?​​

Every runner will be given a flag belt with three flags that must be worn  when on the course.  Each flag represents your “life.” The zombies are super hungry for yours, so they’ll be after them in a serious way. Cross the finish line with at least one flag in tact and you can brag to all your friends that you survived the zombie onslaught. Cross the finish with at least one flag intact and  YOU’VE SURVIVED!  Lose those flags, and you can still finish the race as a runner.


How do I make it out alive?​​

First rule of the Zombie Apocalypse?  Cardio.  You should train at least a little. Run, and maybe get a really mean dog to chase you…


Can I use my specialized homemade apocalypse weapons to fight the hungry horde?​​

Absolutely no weapons of any kind, no matter how cool your gamer buddies think they are.


How old do I have to be to participate?​​

8 is the minimum age, and only with a signed waiver from a parent or guardian. 8-10 can be junior zombies (with parental supervision) located by the finish line.


Will I get hurt?​​

We certainly hope not.  If it should happen, we will have a First Aid Tent.


Can I get a refund?​​

We have a strict NO refund policy.


Can I transfer my ticket to someone else or to a future run?

​​Yes. Please email us at


Can I switch my registration from  a runner, to a zombie, or vice versa?​​

Maybe, if there is space.  Email us at


When is the last day I can register?​​

Online registration closes the night prior to the event unless we’re sold out before.  Register early to avoid the risk of not getting a spot. You don’t wanna miss it.


Why are there so many different registration times?​​

Each “wave” releases a set number of victims at a time, to give the zombie horde a better chance at grabbing a snack, and to make it more of a challenge for the runners!


Is this for real?​​

You bet your life.


Will there be real live living dead?



Can I actually eat a participant if I catch one?​​

Please refrain from eating any of our runners.  They might look tasty, but they’re probably not, and the super-fit ones will be tough to chew.


How will the zombies act?

​Have you seen a zombie movie? We suggest you brush up on your zombie skills before arriving.  There are crawler zombies, running zombies, grabbers, creepers…  Remember, no touching the participants – just go for those flags. No matter how hungry you are, if you grab/hit/trip/tackle/kiss a runner, you’ll be removed from the course immediately.


Can I dress up?​​

Absolutely.  Zombies are asked to arrive dressed to kill, we can provide makeup to those who need it.


Will there be food & drinks?

Yes.  Bring cash for food & beverage purchases  at the post-apocalyptic party.


Can I just watch?

​Yes, we like it when you watch.

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Questions or Comments?

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