Run for your life from flesh hungry Zombies through a 3.1 mile trail run where ZOMBIES are the obstacles!

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Oct 26th 2019

 Face your fear as you run from the undead through trails and wooded paths. The Zombies are ready and ravenous.

The choice is yours:
     -Be a Runner (human) and run from the Zombies.

     -Be a Zombie and pull the runner's flags as they run through your "Zombie Zone."

Runners wear 3 flags on a belt. Protect these flags, they’re your “life.” Zombies are staged throughout the course ready to chase you and steal your flags. Try to survive, if you can... Lose your flags, and you can still finish the course as a runner. Look for Safe Zones at mile markers 1 and 2 with water, and pick up an extra life flag! Prepare for walkers, runners, crawlers... and some surprises.


Choose to become a member of the Zombie Horde instead, and polish your human hunting skills while adorned in true flesh-eating fashion, compliments of the event's expert make-up team, followed by a visit to our Blood Splatter zone (both incl w/reg). Makeup is free of charge, though tips are appreciated!



Run both The 5k Zombie Run and The 5k Color Blast in the same day.

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at a discounted rate.


The 5k Color Blast will be held at the same location in the afternoon

following The 5k Zombie Run

All FUN RUN CHALLENGE participants earn a THIRD special "challenge" medal!


2nd event must be added at registration before you checkout

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